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The formation of new centres of growth as the cornerstone of a multipolar world

The outdated neocolonial model of the world order is being replaced by a new system of economic and political relations based on the principle of multipolarity, that is, free and equal cooperation between countries. This is a complex but inevitable process that requires extensive discussion. The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, as the biggest platform for international dialogue, is ideally suited to this task.

Oman – SPIEF 2024 Guest Country

Oman is a relatively new country on the map of Russian foreign trade. But so much the better, because new relationships and new connections always promise the greatest prospects. This year Oman is a guest country at SPIEF 2024.


Sovereign development for the sake of future generations

Russia has proclaimed the concept of a fair multipolar world and this concept has been steadily gaining supporters among the most diverse countries. This goal is not easy to achieve as the entire economic system will need to be revised and the efforts of millions of people pooled: politicians, businesspeople, experts, scientists and scholars, cultural figures, and ordinary people, including members of the younger generation. The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is of particular value in providing a venue for discussing the crucial topics currently facing Russia and developing markets, and also in affording a better grasp of the outlines of the emerging world order.

Why invest in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates is a global financial centre, one of Russia’s most important foreign economic partners, and a SPIEF guest country in 2023. Today, the two influential countries have more points of contact than ever before

When the night comes alive: a local approach to enjoying the White Nights

The White Nights season is the pride of St. Petersburg and an important symbol for the city. It is a theme that appears time and time again in both literature and film. And unlike many other tourist draws around the world, where the reality can often be at odds with their picture-postcard images, the White Nights are genuinely beguiling, and simply cannot be missed. This is particularly true given that the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is held at this time of year


A black swan with white feathers

The events of the past 18 months have completely reshaped the world. In an instant, the spread of a terrible disease has cast light on the true state of healthcare systems around the world. It has also been a stress test on countries’ financial systems. Russia has weathered the storm and has endured minimal damage in comparison to the biggest global economies.

“Businesspeople miss direct communication and real-life networking”

SPIEF 2021 is the first large-scale convention since the start of the pandemic. The Forum that brings together heads of government and business leaders, scientists and experts, marks the recovery of the economy and the restart of integration processes. The world has changed. What this ‘new normal’ will be depends on us.

At the centre of possibilities

Qatar is a guest country of SPIEF this year. Though not its first time at the Forum, this is the first time that it will have a special status. What can this Middle Eastern state offer a partner like Russia?

“Digital progress, clean energy, and ethical growth will facilitate the transition to the economy of the future”

Alexander Machkevitch, regular SPIEF participant, Chairman of Board of directors, Eurasian Resources Group, shares his vision.

The extraordinary St. Petersburg

Once you check all the main boxes on the St. Petersburg to-do list – wait in line to visit the Hermitage, take a ride along the rivers and canals, spend a night out in the bars on Rubenstein or Belinsky streets – it is time to head where the city of imperial grandeur presents itself in a totally different fashion.

Royal bird and royal hunting

Falconry is one of the most expensive hobbies in the world and is especially popular in the Arab countries. A bird of prey can cost well over USD 400 thousand, and it is no easy task to find a really good one. Valuable breeds are found in the Far East of Russia, and it will not be long before the largest falconry centre in the Russian Federation will open in Kamchatka. Unsurprisingly, this news excites ornithology enthusiasts from far and wide.