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SPIEF Exhibition Partner

Bank “ROSSIYA” is one of the largest ones in the country, it is among the top 15 lenders in terms of net assets value and was founded in 1990 in Saint Petersburg. The Bank has the highest ratings issued by Russian rating agencies RAEX and ACRA.

The Bank is present in more than 30 regions of the country. Nowadays the Bank has 22,000 corporate and over 600,000 private clients.

At present the Bank’s activities are aimed at providing services to the largest enterprises in different regions of the Russian Federation, financing the key industries of the Russian economy and implementing large-scale investment projects. Various enterprises engaged in different industries – fuel and energy and military-industrial complexes, scientific and technical area, aeronautics industry and shipbuilding, etc. – use the products and services provided by the Bank.

Bank “ROSSIYA” was among the first to develop and implement the national payment system.

National Partner

JSC "AVTOVAZ" being the largest automotive OEM in Russia, since 1970 having been output over 31 million vehicles of more than 50 various models. AVTOVAZ daily output approximates to 1,500 cars. AVTOVAZ is the industrial enterprise of full cycle encompassing the car-making process from upstream R&D and engineering to component manufacturing and mass production. LADA cars hold approx. 30% of the car fleet and over a third of the Russian automotive market. In Russia LADA brand offers the largest official network coverage with more than 310 dealers.

Maxim Sokolov - President & CEO of JSC AVTOVAZ

B1 Group
Business Networking Platform Partner

B1 Group is a group of companies offering a full range of professional services, covering assurance, strategy, technology, consulting, transactions, valuation, tax, law and business support. Over the span of 35 years in Russia and more than two decades in Belarus, we have assembled a strong team of professionals with broad expertise and a wealth of experience in delivering challenging projects. B1 Group is based in ten cities: Moscow, Minsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Togliatti and Vladivostok. We help clients find new solutions, grow, transform and operate their business as well as strengthen their financial and human capital. We are the preferred service provider for many international companies. We support foreign investors entering the Russian and Belarusian markets, helping them to grow and successfully manage their businesses. B1 Group has ongoing working relationships with investors from China, the Middle East, India and Turkey, among other countries.

Marchello Gelashvili - B1 Group Managing Partner

DS Corporate
Educational Partner

DS Corporate is the largest Russian private educational company, specializing in corporate trainings of 15 foreign languages, for Russian business and government organizations.

Based on 30 years of experience in Russia and in CIS countries, the company has a team of over 750 certified teachers, including 200 native teachers, and is constantly developing its innovative online platform JetClass (included in the Russian software register of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation).

DS Corporate is the only company that provides its corporate clients with a financial guarantee of the learning results. The company's portfolio of learning solutions is focused on the internationalization of Russian business, advanced trainings of teachers in Russian schools and universities, the development of the hospitality industry in the regions of the Russian Federation, etc.

Commissioned by the Federal Agency for Nationalities of the Russian Federation, DS Corporate is currently developing the most modern online school of Russian as a foreign language. DS Corporate is the official Educational Partner of the Roscongress Foundation.

Edward Baldakov - Chief Executive Officer DS Corporate

PJSC Astra Group
Networking Area Partners

Astra Group is a leading Russian manufacturer of infrastructure software, whose products and solutions are used in state corporations and concerns, industrial enterprises and critical information infrastructure facilities, executive authorities, healthcare and education. Astra Group software solutions are found listed in the register of the Ministry of Digital Development.

Today, the Astra Group ecosystem is a reliable stack of system and application software and services based on the secure Astra Linux operating system in server, desktop and mobile versions.

The vendor's portfolio also includes Brest virtualization system software suite, Tedmidesk VDI manager, RuBackup complex, Tantor DBMS management platform, WorksPad secure mobile workplace, ALD Pro infrastructure administrator, RuPost corporate mail management system, GitFlic hosting service for source code, Knomary eLearning platform, DCImanager, VMmanager and BILLmanager virtual infrastructure management platforms.

Ilya Sivtsev - CEO of Astra Group

Networking Area Partners

Kontur is an ecosystem for business, which helps to spend less time on routine, and makes communication with government agencies and suppliers easier and more transparent.

Kontur's portfolio includes online reporting and online accounting, services for EDI and labeling, cloud-based inventory control and online cash registers, contractor verification and electronic signatures for any task.

The Kontur brand belongs to the SKB Kontur Group founded in 1988. The revenue of SKB Kontur for 2023 amounted to 32.6 billion rubles, and 2.5 million companies in Russia and abroad use the Group’s solutions.

Mikhail Srodnykh - General Director

Networking Area Partners

NtechLab is a leading global provider of AI-based products and solutions. The company’s algorithms have been recognized as the best in the world by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). NtechLab has implemented projects in 34 countries and 62 Russian regions. The company offers a wide variety of solutions for both the public and private sectors, such as solutions for Smart and Safe Cities, the healthcare industry, the industrial sector, public transportation, and others.

Alexey Palamarchuk - CEO of NtechLab

PJSC Sovcombank
Networking Area Partners

PJSC Sovcombank — Russian fast growing universal bank with total assets of 1,9 trln rubles — #3 privately-owned bank in Russia by total assets . Sovcombank is designated a systemically important credit institution by the Central Bank of Russia. With more than 2,600 offices, Sovcombank operates one of the largest (#3) retail distribution networks in Russia. Bank has vast experience and expertise in corporate and investment banking and long track-record of successful M&A deals on Russian financial market. Also Bank is the issuer of «Halva» card that is the first installment card on Russian credit card market with more than 9,5 mln cardholders and 250 000 accredited merchants in partnership network. Credit ratings by national scale ACRA — «AA-», «stable», «RAEX» — «ruАA», «stable», «NCR» — «АА-», «positive».

Dmitry Gusev - Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of Management Board, PJSC Sovcombank

PhosAgro Group
Networking Area Partners

PhosAgro Group is among the global leaders in the production of phosphate-based mineral fertilizers and high-grade phosphate rock.

Free of concentrations of cadmium and other toxic substances that are hazardous to human health and soils, PhosAgro’s high-performance fertilizers are used to grow environmentally friendly crops in some 100 countries around the world.

The Company’s strategic priority is the Russian market, where for many years it has been a leader in the supply of all types of fertilizers and has acted as a guarantor of national food security.

In 2022, the Company ramped up its support for social and charitable projects by nearly 150%, to a record RUB 12.9 billion. In addition, PhosAgro’s tax payments increased by 50%, to over RUB 59 billion.

Over the next five years, PhosAgro plans to invest more than RUB 250 billion, including nearly RUB 67 billion in 2023, an increase of 6% over last year’s record capex.

Mikhail Rybnikov - CEO, member of the Management Board, and member of the Board of Directors of PJSC PhosAgro

T1 Holding company
Networking Area Partners

T1 is a diversified holding company, one of Russia's IT market leaders, a partner of key IT manufacturers and developers. The companies within the holding structure begin their history in 1992. Today T1 comprises 23,000 specialists. In 2023, the holding's revenue amounted to 222.9 billion rubles including VAT. According to analytical agencies CNews Analytics, TAdviser and RAEX, T1 is among the top three largest Russian IT companies.

Т1 provides a full range of IT services for the implementation of high-tech projects tailored to customers' industry specifics. The holding company includes: T1 Integration, T1 Cloud, Servionica, MultiCarta T1.Aero, Innotech, Datatech, as well as vendor NOTA and T1 Digital Academy. They have professional expertise in the field of system integration, consulting, software development, service support and outsourcing, Big Data and Machine Learning, information security, robotization of routine operations, Process Mining analytics and the Internet of things. The holding’s competencies allow it to conceptualise, design and implement complex projects in the field of digital transformation for customers of any industry, infrastructure development level and scale.

The customers of T1 Holding company include government agencies and the largest companies in key industries: telecom operators, financial institutions, manufacturing, fuel and energy, transport and trading companies.

Alexey Fetisov - General Director of T1 Holding company