SME Cooperation


THE SME COOPERATION B2B SERVICE is a project implemented by the Roscongress Foundation with the aim of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. It operates on the principle of a two-way initiative, allowing everyone to participate as both customer and supplier of goods, services, technologies and even business and property rights.

The service is free of charge and available to all users of a Roscongress personal account.

What are the benefits
of the service?
1. Convenient format

A networking platform register is formed through cooperation between suppliers and customers, and is continuously updated with the latest data.

The register serves as an online shop window, providing a convenient search function for essential goods, services, suppliers, contractors, investors, and more.

2. Foreign business contacts

The SME networking platform not only offers unique goods and services sold in Russia's remote regions but also provides an opportunity to establish cooperation with foreign companies.

3. Speed of getting into direct contact with decision-makers

Thanks to the well-established delegate-management mechanisms of the Roscongress Foundation team, participants of the SME networking platform can engage in negotiations at the Roscongress Foundation venues in a seamless "here and now" format, reducing the time and effort required to organize a meeting.

How can I become
a member of the service?

1. You can apply in a Roscongress personal account (the "SME Cooperation" tab) by filling in the participant's card according to the following pattern:

  • general information about the company;
  • information on the company’s goods, services and projects;
  • information on the demand for the company’s goods, services, and suppliers, the preparedness/willingness to enter new markets, etc.

The more information you provide about your offer and your needs, the higher your chances of finding customers, suppliers, and new sales channels. It will also boost your opportunities to offer your services, giving you a better chance to expand your business and strengthen your position in the market.

2. After entering your goods/services information, you can get acquainted with the goods/services cards already created and the goods/services needs of other companies.

3. The Goods and services information section provides company registers by category (non-food goods/food/services) based on the generated goods and services cards.

With their help, you will be able to:

  • find the items you need by using the sorting function, and exchange contacts;
  • communicate directly with decision-makers;
  • schedule significant meetings at the Forum venue and discuss details of cooperation in the comfort of the business lounges.