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Palkin, one of St. Petersburg's oldest restaurants, has retained the same name and location since its founding, when it was a meeting place for socialites and aristocrats.

For two hundred years, Palkin has remained one of the Northern capital's finest restaurants. It has been the scene of high-society receptions, secret meetings and lavish balls. The restaurant is also famous for being the place where Gogol, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Blok, and Tchaikovsky spent their evenings with exquisite Russian cuisine. The restaurant's chefs were bold experimenters who chose to cook traditional Russian dishes with a French twist. Today, local culinary experts continue to study ancient recipes in order to present them to guests in a new way. The menu is plentiful and is perfect for anyone who wants to experience what a tsar's feast was like. Palkin seems to have it all: from Olivier salad with caviar, quail meat and Lena sturgeon to foie gras dumplings of wild boar and venison, and from a rack of lamb to Angus beef Chateaubriand. Wine connoisseurs will appreciate the restaurant's special collector's items, like spirits that have been purchased at foreign auctions. Palkin is a luxury restaurant that combines tradition and innovation, where a relaxed atmosphere meets the spirit of autocracy and wealth, and where you can host a romantic dinner or a gala event.

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Stroganoff Steak House

Located right in the heart of St. Petersburg, just a stone’s throw away from Saint Isaac’s Square, Stroganoff is the first Russian-American steak house and offers the best of both worlds: impeccable service and an elegant yet cosy atmosphere. The menu boasts some meaty classics, from tartare and burgers to steaks from the finest cuts of beef. Guests can try premium and alternative steaks, along with Japanese marbled Wagyu beef.