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Official Partner of the Ladoga Gold Cycling Race
Apparel partner — Cycling race «LADOGA GOLD»
The official partners of the Roscongress Basketball Cup Gala match
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ANO “Organising Committee “World Friendship Games”
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ANO “Organising Committee “World Friendship Games” is the organisation responsible for the preparation and holding of the World Friendship Games 2024.

The World Friendship Games is a new multi-sport commercial tournament with a substantial prize fund, held under the auspices of the International Friendship Association (IFA).

The programme of the first ever World Friendship Games will include competitions in 33 sports, and the tournament will be attended by the strongest athletes from all over the world. The Games will be held in Moscow and Ekaterinburg at the most modern sports venues in the country.

Alexey Sorokin - Chief Executive Officer of ANO “Organising Committee “World Friendship Games”

Official Race Partner

Avito is a leading Russian IT company and e-commerce platform. Avito has 70 million monthly users engaged in transactions in the Goods, Auto, Jobs, Services, Real Estate and Ready Business segments. Avito Delivery facilitates secure transactions through 75 thousand partner pick-up point.

Avito brings private sellers and buyers together, being one of the most convenient digital platforms to support SMBs and large companies. Avito hosts over 220 million active items. Users add 2 million new ads daily and make about 10 transactions per second.

The company employs more than 8,000 people, including 1,800 engineers and 317 candidates of science. Avito has implemented more than 1,000 self-developed machine learning models.

Avito’s business model is built on socially oriented user behavior. Avito integrates its own charitable mechanisms and supports 18 foundations and organizations. Avito’s mission is to help everyone improve their own lives and the lives of those around them.

Uralchem Run Factory
Official Race Partner

Uralchem Run Factory is a newly created running society in Russia, which unites people who come from different cities and have different personal goals but who have one common aspiration: to become a better runner, a better athlete and ultimately a better person.

• 9 locations (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Togliatti, Berezniki, Solikamsk, Perm, Voskresensk, Chernyakhovsk) offering free training sessions under the guidance of professional and certified running coaches;

• Own running base at the Luzhniki sports centre in Moscow;

• Convenient mobile app to register for upcoming sessions.

Uralchem Run Factory uses a holistic approach to boost the runners’ athletic and general performance through professional-grade training, science-based recovery techniques, optimal gear, and tips from experts in various fields. Most importantly, it’s about making new great friends and becoming a part of a real family!

We may share the starting point – but we all have our own finish line!

Daniil Vasilyev - Director

ANO Hero Race
Race Partner

ANO "Hero Race" organizes sport events and is responsible for the popularization and development of mass sports all over the country. “Hero League” brand organizes such events as "Hero Races", "Zabeg.RF", "One run", "Hero Games", "Arena of Heroes", LaStrada bike race, Hero League Trail, Poseidon swim. The geography of the Hero League projects runs from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. Over 250 events were held, in which 1,323,000 participants took part. One of the projects of the "Hero League" is a half marathon with a synchronized start "Zabeg.RF", which unites over 150,000 participants and 11 time zones in one day. "Zabeg.RF" twice entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most mass synchronized half marathon held at the same time in different cities. The Hero League team annually improves the quality of work, listening to feedback from participants and making events more interesting and available to everyone in the country.

Denis Annikov - Director ANO Hero Race

RCC Club
Sports Programme Partner

The RRCC Business Club unites representatives of the business community for the exchange of experience and communication.

We aim to continuously innovate and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of business, technology, and society, while maintaining a strong focus on providing valuable insights and opportunities for our members. Our goal is to foster collaboration, growth, and success within our community, helping to drive positive change and drive the future of business forward.

Guests of the business club are given the opportunity to discuss business in an informal setting, make useful acquaintances and just enjoy first-class service.

Indoor TV
Sports Programme Partner

Indoor TV — media channel about talented people & amazing things. Lightweight, aesthetic lifestyle video for pampered eyes.

Indoor TV is purposeful placement of your brand messages on video screens located in 25 cities at business centres, shopping centres, restaurants, beauty salons, fitness and golf clubs, hotels and airports.

We are glad to announce that now all properties of the Cosmos Group hotel chain and the Rosa Khutor resort are included to the broadcast.

Our clients create a sustainable offer on the market and a high percentage of regular and loyal consumers.

In anticipation of the high season and increased business activity among the media channel's audience, you are offered special conditions for the placement of advertising materials in premium locations of hotels, golf clubs, restaurants and premium fitness centers

Andrey Burgart

“Sovetskiy SPORT”
Sports Programme Partner

The new life of the "Sovietskiy Sport" began in March 2023, when Yevgeny Slyusarenko was appointed managing director and editor-in-chief. By May 2023, Evgeny had updated the team by 90%, inviting employees from other leading sports media. At that time, the publication was in crisis: minimal print runs, record low attendance (19th place, ), social networks in suspended animation.

The new team has restructured all assets:

- In November 2023, a new website was launched, but the first big numbers were achieved in July 2023 – 5 million unique users and the Top 5 in the ranking;

- In November 2023, the circulation of the newspaper and the magazine “Football” was increased from 2.5 to 50 times, depending on the region! The supply of the press to the Central Federal District was established. The newspaper became a daily again, and “Football” became a weekly.

- Social networks have been restarted. On average, the total coverage of posts increased 4.5 times.

- About 10 permanent projects around the brand have been launched. At least 6 major PR campaigns were conducted with the direct participation of new “Sovsport” columnists Dmitry Guberniev and Vasily Utkin. There are about 75 brand partnerships organized, of which at least 10 are seasonal.

“Sovietskiy Sport” is a permanent information partner of the largest sports competitions and socially significant events. Information partner of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum since 2016.

Evgeny Slyusarenko - Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief of Sovetskiy Sport

Official Partner of the Ladoga Gold Cycling Race

SberInsurance is a subsidiary Sberbank company being part of its Wealth Management division specializing in non-life insurance. In 2023, the company collected 64.7 billion rubles in insurance premiums (according to management accounts). SberInsurance is a leader in the personal property insurance market and ranks among the top-10 composite insurance companies in Russia by premium volume. The company holds an Expert RA rating of ruAAA.

Apparel partner — Cycling race «LADOGA GOLD»

Russian brand and manufacturer of sports apparel for cycling, triathlon and running.

Anton Ivanov - Founder/CEO, VETER SPORT LLC

Zenit Basketball Club
The official partner of the Roscongress Basketball Cup Gala match

BC Zenit is one of the leaders in Russian basketball. The club has become the champion of the VTB United League, winner of the VTB United League Super Cup and the Russian Cup.

Zenit combines a modern approach to work organization, growing experience in participating in leading tournaments and the spirit of St. Petersburg, the birthplace of famous Soviet and Russian basketball players.

BC Zenit maintains and expands partnerships with the RFB, leagues, industry organizations, educational institutions, government authorities, business and the local community.

Zenit unites more than 200,000 fans of home matches and hundreds of millions of viewers. The club develops its own system for training Russian sports personnel, which involves more than 500 children aged 7 to 17 and their families. During the sports season, BC Zenit organizes more than 35 sports events at the highest level with the participation of top clubs in Russia, as well as more than 20 sports events in the field of youth and junior basketball.


Dialog-Conversion Holding
Awards Partner

Dialog-Conversion Holding is the largest Russian manufacturer of premium, souvenir and textile products, since 1992. The company is the main partner of many organizations in the sports industry, event organizers, law enforcement agencies, government and commercial organizations.

Today, Dialog-Conversion Holding has more than 300 dealers in Russia and the CIS countries, as well as 9 independent business lines with a total production base of more than 5,000 sq.m. Thus, the company meets the needs both for the all-inclusive supply of events (prizes, souvenirs, decor), as well as building (navigation pointers, signs, banners, etc.).

In 2004, Dialog-Conversion established the Modern Sports Museum. Later, The Regional Sports Glory Award (a social project aimed at developing sports in the regions) and the Golden Dialcon Award (aimed at supporting domestic sports manufacturers) were established.