13th Annual International Conference TRILOGY (Transport, Investment, Logistics)

The 13th Annual International Conference TRILOGY (Transport, Investment, Logistics) will be held at the venues of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on 13 June. By holding the conference at the Forum, TRILOGY has grown fast and expanded beyond discussions on the development of transport in the North-Western region of Russia to transport and logistics in Greater Eurasia as a whole.

The conference aims to drive growth in the transport and logistics industry and promote major infrastructural and investment projects.

Key topics of the conference:

  • The Greater Eurasian Partnerships: strengthening regional integration, key routes, ensuring cross-sectoral collaboration in transport and logistics.
  • Prospects for constructing new transport routes in view of the shifting transport and logistics landscape in Eurasia.
  • Traditional transport routes in the Baltic and Barents/Euro-Arctic regions: impact of sanctions.
  • The Northern Sea Route, its role in the shifting conditions, the development of infrastructure in the North of Russia for its maintenance.
  • Development of the St. Petersburg and Murmansk transport hubs.
  • Development of the international North-South and East-West transport corridors: significance for the North-Western region of Russia.
  • Major infrastructure projects in the North-West, Siberia and Far East: status and development prospects.
  • Digitalization, sustainability, safety and security as the main drivers of sustainable growth in the transport and logistics industry going forward.

We cordially invite representatives of the state authorities of the Russian Federation and Eurasian countries, scientists and researchers, and the heads of transport and logistics companies and industry associations to attend the conference.

Registration and fees

The registration fee per participant is RUB 17,000 (excluding 20% VAT). The following are exempt from the registration fee:

  • Representatives of the state authorities.
  • Representatives of state educational institutions.
  • Heads of industry unions, associations and non-profit organisations.

To apply to participate in the TRILOGY conference, please fill in and submit a registration form by 9 June 2023.

For more information, and to register, please visit the conference website at trilogy.img-vsb.com.