Partners of the Drug Security Forum Business Programme
Partner of the Drug Security Forum Business Programme

The modern, dynamically developing Russian pharmaceutical company, one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation in terms of growth rates.

The company's turnover amounted to more than 44.2 billion rubles by 2023 with growth more than 120%.

Skopinpharm is a developer and manufacturer of medicines, one of the leading suppliers under the program of 14 high-cost nosologies in accordance with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation orders. Skopinpharm offers a range of medications under the regional preferential insurance program, and is also one of the main suppliers of the Circle of Good Foundation for helping children with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

The company has been implementing two Special Investment Contracts: for the production of drugs from blood plasma and for the treatment of oncological diseases. As part of the implementation of these two contracts, new production and warehouse buildings are being built, unique technologies for the production of medicines are being transferred, a plasma storage facility with a laboratory is being built, which will provide storage of plasma for fractionation (raw materials for the production of medicines from human blood plasma). At the same time, in partnership with health authorities, a modern system for the procurement of blood plasma is being created and a voluntary donation program is being developed.

Skopinpharm actively supports the training and advanced training of pharmaceutical industry specialists and is one of the founders of the Academy of Good Practices of the EAEU.

Partner of the Drug Security Forum Business Programme

EFKO is the largest food producers in Russia, a systemic company of the Russian Federation. The company specializes in the processing of oilseeds (sunflower, soybeans, and rapeseed), production of packaged oils, fats and oleo (special fat), mayonnaise and ketchup. The key trademarks are Sloboda, Pyshka, Altero, and Hi! (abbreviated "healthy innovation"). Production facilities located in the regions of Belgorod, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Sverdlovsk, Krasnodar Krai, as well as the Republic of Kazakhstan, are capable of processing over 4.5 million tons of oilseeds annually. The company actively diversifies its business through its own R&D centre, developing plant-based meat and milk under Hi! brand, and venture investments in food technology and biotechnology.

Evgeny Lyashenko - EFKO CEO

Partner of the Drug Security Forum Business Programme

GEROPHARM is an international biotechnological company with all insulin blockbusters in portfolio.

The company is engaged in the full cycle production of medicines, invests in technological development and the creation of modern pharmaceutical infrastructure.

The company possesses an R&D center, as well as two manufacturing sites of API production and production of finished dosage forms.

The company's portfolio includes original drugs and generics in the areas of neurology, ophthalmology, gynecology and urology, as well as 12 medicines in the area of endocrinology - insulins and hypoglycemic drugs. In 2023 GEROPHARM registered a new drug Semavic® which is the first Russian analogue of Ozempic® that is not supplied to Russia anymore.

Today GEROPHARM is a leader in the Russian insulin market in the areas of its presence.

The company's products are presented not only in Russia, but also in 13 countries of the near and far abroad.

Petr Rodionov - Chief Executive Officer of GEROPHARM


A brief overview of the Nizhpharm Group

The Nizhpharm Group (formerly part of STADA) is one of the biggest Russian manufacturers of high-quality pharmaceuticals with a 105-year history.

The Group’s core business areas are as follows:

• OTC products, dietary supplements and medical devices;

• Rx segment including original formula medicines, specialty pharmaceuticals, and generics.

The Nizhpharm Group manages the operations of two manufacturing facilities: JSC Nizhpharm in Nizhny Novgorod and LLC Hemofarm in Obninsk. The Group's primary objective is to meet the local needs of patients as a trusted partner in Russia.

The Nizhpharm Group currently employs over 2,200 people.

Our product portfolio includes 120+ items. Approximately third of them are essential and vital drugs.

Oxana Pozdnyakova - CEO, Nizhpharm Group


Akrikhin is the leading Russian pharmaceutical company that has been producing effective, affordable, and high-quality medicines since 1936.

The Company is one of the TOP-5* Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers by sales volume in the retail market.

There are more than 200 pharmaceuticals in the product portfolio. About 45% of products are on the list of vital and essential drugs (VED). All pharmaceuticals belong to the main pharmacotherapeutic areas and are produced in full compliance with international GMP standards.

AKRIKHIN has extensive expertise in the field of dermatology, cardiology, endocrinology, neurology, pediatrics, cosmetology and in the production of vitamin D3. In addition, the company is developing a line of socially significant pharmaceuticals, the INN-Akrikhin portfolio.

All products are proprietary developments of the company's R&D center.

Modern manufacturing complex is located in Staraya Kupavna, office is located in Moscow. The company constantly improves production processes: upgrade production facilities, expand industrial infrastructure, master new technologies and introduce innovations.

Denis Chetverikov - AKRIKHIN PHARMACEUTICALS Co president

Velpharm group

Velpharm Group is a pharmaceutical holding whose development strategy is to create a modern business ecosystem for the full-cycle production of medicinal products.

Velpharm Group consists of several companies, the activity of each is aimed at implementing the overall strategy of the Holding, including 3 production sites:

Velpharm - a pharmaceutical plant for the production of finished drugs in a full cycle:

 production of finished drugs (Kurgan)

 production of pharmaceutical substances (Kurgan, Dolgoprudny)

Velpharm-M - a new research and production complex for the development and production of medicines, which owns its own R&D center (Moscow).

Today, Velpharm Group produces more than 120 socially significant drugs of various dosage forms and different therapeutic categories, more than 70 drugs are at different stages of development and registration.

Mission: working to preserve health and quality of people`s lives by creating modern, effective, safe and affordable medicines.