A Better Life for Future Generations

26 May , 10:00–11:15
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G4

The World Expo 2025 site will leave a valuable legacy: it will be transformed into a smart city, a living laboratory to introduce and test innovative urban planning, resource management, and municipal governance ideas and technologies. The city will provide a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment, focused on individual residents. By establishing a number of educational and research centres, the city will be able to attract a predominantly young population. Technologies that prove their worth in this experiment will help improve the quality of life in other cities in Russia and globally. What factors should be considered when engineering and building cities of the future and what are the possible challenges to be faced? How can we ensure harmony between the man-made environment and nature? What would the ideal urban community look like? What knowledge should we be transmitting to children and by which means? How can an independent and efficient urban economy be built and smooth intercultural communication established?

Nikolay Novichkov, Head of the Working Group on Tourism Development, Expert Council of the Government of the Russian Federation

Alexander Adamchik, General Director, CVteka
Yuri Brazhenko, Director for Development, Museum of Industrial Culture; Сo-chairman, International Alliance for the Creators of Cities of the Future
Pavel Brayvo, General Director, Geosota
Ivan Burtnik, Head of the Expo 2025 Russian Bid Promotion, Bid Committee, Expo 2025
Evgeniya Gromova, General Director, VL Group
Valeria Terentieva, Managing Partner, WorkLine Group
Fedor Sheberstov, Chairman of the Managing Board of Teacher for Russia Programme, Charity Foundation for Support and Development of Education 'New Teacher'