Generation Z Entrepreneurs – Overcoming the Challenges of Starting a New Business

26 May , 15:15–16:30
International Youth Economic Forum
Business Banya
Congress Centre, Business Breakfast Hall 1

At each stage of development, entrepreneurs encounter a similar set of problems: the search for seed investment, an unpredictable business climate, building teams, managing transformations in the marketplace, adapting to changes in the applicable taxation regimes, and others. Forming a new company is not easy and only a few successfully develop and expand. In the format of a ‘Business Banya’ (‘sauna’), small groups of participants will discuss the key mistakes in scaling up a business. They will establish direct contacts and share their experiences and case studies. Each group will include an expert – a successful entrepreneur – who will share his or her experience, including any mistakes and ways of overcoming them. The Business Banya is a useful tool for business and networking.

Bronislav Gorbachev, General Director, Crosser Instruments
Denis Kotov, General Director, Bookvoed LLC
Anatoliy Movshovich, Head, The World to the Touch
Kirill Ostapenko, Founder, General Director, VeloDrive E-Shop; Director, Delovoi Peterburg Business Club
Artem Senik, General Director, NPO Labs LLC
Albert Sufiyarov, President, Neva Milk LLC
Andrei Sharkov, General Director, Shokobox LLC

Front row participants
Artem Balaev, General Producer, Oh yes! Food! Festival ("O, da! Eda!"); General Producer, Aurora Fashion Week
Alena Enova, Co-owner, TAIGA Hostel & Hotel
Artem Kurseitov, General Director, City Engineering LLC
Konstantin Livshits, General Director, Sistema Zabota LLC