Maths in the Digital Age

26 May , 10:00–11:15
Technology for Leadership
Panel Session
Congress Centre, Conference Hall B2

Since the ancient times, mathematics has been considered the universal language of science that forms foundations of evolution in human intellect. Additionally, mathematics always had practical applications, many of which have served as catalysts of economic growth, often leading to revolutionary changes. Fast-paced technological development and transition to the digital economy are both placing math in higher demand and also putting higher demands on it. This session will examine the future of technological development through the eyes of the world’s leading mathematicians, including Fields Medal winners, and the direct beneficiaries of their work.

Andrey Fursenko, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation

Arutyun Avetisyan, Corresponding Member, Professor, Director, Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Elena Bunina, General Director, Yandex Russia
Cedric Villani, Professor of Mathematics, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Ari Laptev, Professor, Imperial College London
Stanislav Smirnov, Founder, Talent and Success Foundation
Artem Yamanov, Senior Vice President, Business Development Director, Tinkoff Bank
Ivan Yaschenko, Director, Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education

Front row participants
Alexander Pechen, Head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Methods of Quantum Technologies, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS
Evgeniy Rogaev, Head of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics, Vavilov Institute of General Genetics (VIGG) of RAS