Digital Renaissance

25 May , 10:15–11:30
Technology for Leadership
Panel Session
Pavilion F, Conference Hall F3
In partnership with the Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)

Artists have always been ahead of their time. An artistic understanding of the world provides an unlimited source of innovation for technological progress. During the Renaissance, creativity fuelled humanity’s multifaceted leap forward and gave rise to several industrial revolutions. Today changes happen at incredible speed, and we find ourselves surrounded by unpredictable revolutionary technologies and artificial intelligence. The time for the next – digital – renaissance has come. Creativity and art should help us understand the challenges of our time, adjust the direction of our progress, and take the right steps into the unknown. What is the future as seen by today’s artists? Will that future have space for humans? What is the relationship between art and breakthrough technologies? What is the secret to creativity and how do innovations happen? Are we living in an era of the New Renaissance?

Kirill Androsov, Managing Director, Altera Investment Fund

Kevin Abosch, Artist, Technologist
Dmitry Aksenov, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, DigitalGenius
Dirk Ahlborn, Chief Executive Officer, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
Alain Aspect, Physicist, Specialist in Quantum Optics, Theory of Hidden Parameters and Quantum Entanglement
Dave Waiser, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Gett
Natalya Kasperskaya, President, InfoWatch
Drue Kataoka, Artist, Technologist, Drue Kataoka Studios
Konstantin Novoselov, Nobel Laureate in Physics; Fellow of the Royal Society of London; Professor of Physics, University of Manchester
Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Director, The State Hermitage Museum

Front row participants
Dmitry Aksenov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, RDI Group
Dmitry Gutov, Artist, Art Theorist
Vladislav Martynov, Member of the Supervisory Board, Ethereum Foundation