The Role of Creative Spaces in Today’s Business Environment

26 May , 10:00–11:15
Human Capital in the Digital Economy
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G7

A city’s competitiveness is directly related to its ability to attract skilled labour and create entrepreneurial activity, which means that new spaces for working and living have to be set up. As traditional industry declines, the development of creative industries that integrate the interests of the scientific community, the city’s administration, and the business community can work to spur culture, talent, and knowledge, underpinning an effective means of achieving economic growth in cities. Where in Russia are creative industries likely to develop first? What mechanisms, formats, and sources of funding are available to implement projects aimed at developing the creative industries? How can public–private partnership models be applied? Can cooperation between city governments, business communities, and the creative class become a catalyst for the development of creative industries?

Natalia Knyazhevich, Anchor, RBC Channel

Elena Zelentsova, Vice President, Director for Urban Environment Development, Skolkovo Foundation
Evgeniy Melentyev, Chief Executive Officer, KINODANZ
Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St.Petersburg
Konstantin Polunin, Partner, Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
Sofia Trotsenko, Founder, Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art, President, Winzavod Foundation in Support of Contemporary Art
Svetlana Chupsheva, Chief Executive Officer, Agency for Strategic Initiatives