The Future of Journalism

24 May , 11:00–12:15
The Global Economy in an Era of Change
Media Summit
Congress Centre, Conference Hall D4

The rapid development of digital technology, social networks, and new media has presented professional journalism with a fresh set of challenges. Some predict that news agencies will be transformed into aggregators of information. Who has the right to consider themselves journalists in the modern world? Is there a future for traditional journalism amid so much rapid global change? Will there be any demand for the traditional media in ten years and if so, in what form? How can news agencies ensure they survive? How might artificial intelligence transform journalism in the area of newsgathering? How can on-going changes in the media be used to rapidly disseminate reliable information? What are the threats associated with these changes and how can modern journalism rise to these challenges in the foreseeable future?

Mikhail Gusman, Chairman, Russian National Committee of UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication; Vice-President, News Agency World Council (NACO)
Clive Marshall, Chief Executive Officer, Press Association Group

Aram Ananyan, Director General, Armenpress News Agency
Sergey Mikhaylov, General Director, Russian News Agency TASS
Hiroki Sugita, Executive Director, Kyodo News
Ian Phillips, Vice President for International News, Associated Press (AP)
Giuseppe Cerbone, Chief Executive Officer, ANSA