Meeting of the Advisory Commission of the State Council of the Russian Federation on the Modern Regional Industrial Policy

Pavilion G, Conference Hall G22

Key moments

It is worth paying attention to the proportion of graduates who have remained in Russia – considering our university graduates are highly qualified and, unfortunately, are leaving the country to work abroad.
Vladimir Yakushev
Governer of Tyumen Region
State subsidies should be focused on competitive products relevant not today, but tomorrow.
Lev Kuznetsov
Minister of the Russian Federation of North Caucasus Affairs
We need regional specialization –development of a territorial industrial strategy that assigns a specific role to every region. Such specialization is under way right now.
Vasily Osmakov
Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
In order to create an efficient environment, you need to put together three components: the authorities, science and business.
Sergey Zhvachkin
Governor of Tomsk Region
Any enterprise willing to join the regional labour productivity programme will have to develop its own in-house productivity programme.
Alexey Repik
President, Delovaya Rossiya (Business Russia)
Some of the key issues pertain to the regulatory and legal frameworks. We are still in the initial stage in this respect. Right now, the quality of regulations affecting Russian high-tech industry companies prevents them from delivering projects involving future technologies.
Svetlana Chupsheva
Chief Executive Officer, Agency for Strategic Initiatives
Industries can be split into two categories: major enterprises and semi-major enterprises. And, understandably, the widest productivity gaps were found in the semi-major ones. So they will be the focal point of our programme.
Yulia Urozhayeva
Adviser to the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation