Exporting Trust: Building Safe Global Digital Infrastructure

24 May , 11:00–12:15
Technology for Leadership
Panel Session
Congress Centre, Sberbank Hall

The technological future of the world depends on building robust digital infrastructure. Within a few years, all elements of the global critical infrastructure will have become digital. Nevertheless, without security guarantees, digital construction becomes a dangerous gamble. The threats go beyond losing data from a personal computer or money from a bank account. Risks involving digital infrastructure stretch as far as attacks disabling power grids, communications networks, transportation systems, or entire urban systems. Digital space has become a further dimension of real space, just like the Earth’s surface or the air, with its own infrastructure – digital bridges and roads comparable to the ones we walk on. It also contains valuable deposits in the form of data and people are already ‘mining’ digital currencies at rapid rates. The digital space of the future is attracting the interest of governments, not only because of the riches it contains, but also as a potential new battlefield. Concepts such as digital sovereignty – the right of a government to control its own digital space and ensure its security – are emerging. Is it possible to create trust zones in the digital space? What challenges lie ahead on the path to creating a secure global critical infrastructure? What can Russia offer? What partnerships are possible in this realm?

Andrey Bezrukov, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Exporting High-Tech Security Initiative

Natalya Kasperskaya, President, InfoWatch
Stanislav Kuznetsov, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
Alok Kumar, Chairman, Akis Tech Ltd.
Igor Lyapunov, Vice President, Rostelecom
Valentin Makarov, President, Russoft Association
Leonid Reiman, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Angstrem PJSC
Andrey Tikhonov, Head of Safety of the Internet of Things (IoT), Kaspersky Lab