Business programme


06 Jun , 11:00–12:15
Business Dialogue
Congress Centre, zone B, 2nd floor, conference hall B4

As the world economic architecture transforms amidst the volatility of global geopolitics, it becomes imperative to seek out and implement fundamentally new approaches to trade and economic cooperation. ASEAN is one of the priority areas of the EAEU’s international activities, as evidenced by the ongoing cooperation programme between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat until 2025. Deepening the dialogue between the business communities of integration associations makes it possible to harness the untapped potential of interaction between member countries. This can increase the overall adaptability of economies to external challenges and establish a trajectory for sustainable, long-term development. In the current environment, the primary task for the EAEU and ASEAN is to pinpoint areas of mutual economic reinforcement among member countries of integration associations. These areas include digitalization, energy efficiency, food security, transportation and logistics, finance, and tourism. What trends have been observed in the development of dialogue between the business communities of EAEU and ASEAN countries? In which areas of the economy are the effects of the integration efforts of the EAEU and ASEAN most noticeable? Which projects, including those in digitalization, transport and logistics, hold the most promise for enhancing trade and economic connections among the member states of both associations?

Ivan Polyakov, Chairman, Russia–ASEAN Business Council

Gwendolyn Fiel Garcia, Governor of the Province of Cebu of the Republic of Philippines
Vera Gezerdava, Deputy General Director, VSK
Sergey Glazyev, Member of the Board, Minister in Charge of Integration and Macroeconomics, Eurasian Economic Commission
Kan Zaw, Union Minister of Investment and Foreign Economic Relations of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Didit Ratam, Head of the Bilateral Committee for Russia, Georgia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN)
Satvinder Singh, Deputy Secretary-General, ASEAN
Ivan Timofeev, Chief Executive Officer, Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)
Wan Fayhsal, Member of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Malaysia