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International City Forum
Strategic Business Partner

The International City Forum in the Sirius Federal Territory serves to comprehensively promote Russia on the international stage. It acts as a communication platform for representatives of the global political and business elite, mayors of global cities, capitals, sister cities, and executives of international and Russian corporations and companies.

ROSA Company
International City Forum Partner

Scientific and Technical Center of Information Technologies ROSA - the leading Russian developer and supplier of information technologies in Russia. The company develops system and infrastructure software based on its own repository ROSA 2021.1. The company's technological stack enables it to cover a wide range of IT needs for the government and enterprises. The product portfolio includes operating systems ROSA Chrome, ROSA Fresh, ROSA Baryum, ROSA Cobalt and ROSA Mobile, ROSA Virtualization, platforms for managing operating systems and hybrid virtual infrastructure. The company's products are included in the Register of Domestic Software of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and have the corresponding certificates from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of Russia for working with confidential information.

Oleg Karpitsky - CEO of ROSA Company

Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Higher Education of the Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation "Russian University of Cooperation"
International City Forum Partner

The Russian University of Cooperation is a higher educational institution with a 111-year history. It provides educational programs for secondary vocational education, higher education, and professional training. The founder of the university is the Central Union of Consumer Societies of the Russian Federation (Centrosoyuz RF). Graduates of the University work in 69 countries around the world, and the institution has been awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

The University is represented in 15 regions of the Russian Federation, from the Far East to Kaliningrad, and currently has more than 42,000 students. Education is provided at all levels, including postgraduate studies. The University has two dissertation councils specializing in economics and law. The Russian University of Cooperation is a "forge of personnel," with its graduates holding leadership positions in government bodies, state corporations, and being leading entrepreneurs in various regions.