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Sistema PJSFC
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Sistema PJSFC is a publicly traded diversified Russian holding company in the sectors of telecommunications and digital services, IT and high technologies, e-commerce, paper and packaging, agriculture, real estate, medical and pharmacy services, hospitality and others. The corporation was founded in 1993. Revenue in 2023 was RUB 1045,9 billion; total assets equaled RUB 2,4 trillion as of 31 December 2023. Sistema's ordinary shares are listed under the "AFKS" ticker on the Moscow Exchange.

Governors’ Club General Partner

The National Transportation Association (NTA) is the leader of bus passenger conveyance in Russia. The company has been on the market for 30 years and is one of the national systemic companies. Due to its experience and resources, the company can implement any scale projects in all cities or whole regions. Transportation companies which are a part of the Association are operating in Saint-Petersburg and in the Leningrad region, in Moscow, Moscow region, in Volgograd, Novokuznetsk, Sochi, Yaroslavl, Kursk, Astrakhan and Petrozavodsk.

NTA is not only a transportation company but it is also a manufacturer of buses, a logistic operator, a spare part dealer; it is also involved in warehousing and implementing projects for route system optimization using the most modern IT solutions.

The Association is a combination of the best market players and it offers you the top-of-the-line passenger conveyance solutions.

Governors’ Club Partner

The modern, dynamically developing Russian pharmaceutical company, one of the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation in terms of growth rates.

The company's turnover amounted to more than 44.2 billion rubles by 2023 with growth more than 120%.

Skopinpharm is a developer and manufacturer of medicines, one of the leading suppliers under the program of 14 high-cost nosologies in accordance with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation orders. Skopinpharm offers a range of medications under the regional preferential insurance program, and is also one of the main suppliers of the Circle of Good Foundation for helping children with serious and life-threatening illnesses.

The company has been implementing two Special Investment Contracts: for the production of drugs from blood plasma and for the treatment of oncological diseases. As part of the implementation of these two contracts, new production and warehouse buildings are being built, unique technologies for the production of medicines are being transferred, a plasma storage facility with a laboratory is being built, which will provide storage of plasma for fractionation (raw materials for the production of medicines from human blood plasma). At the same time, in partnership with health authorities, a modern system for the procurement of blood plasma is being created and a voluntary donation program is being developed.

Skopinpharm actively supports the training and advanced training of pharmaceutical industry specialists and is one of the founders of the Academy of Good Practices of the EAEU.