Access to the venue

Security measures at the venue

Traffic in St. Petersburg during the days of the Forum is expected to be heavy. During peak hours (08:00–11:00), there will be a lot of traffic at the entrance to ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

All vehicles entering the Forum venue must undergo security checks at the checkpoint. Make sure that your vehicle is free of large closed containers, bags, liquids in containers with a volume of more than 500 ml, or other items that are prohibited from being brought to the Forum venue.

Please plan your route so that you arrive at the venue in advance, at least 2 hours before the start of the event you wish to attend.



Picking up your badge


Take a PCR test


Leave items prohibited at the venue at your accommodations


Take your identity document (passport) with you


Please carefully review how to get to the venue

1. Picking up your badge

The badge is personalized and may not be transferred to third parties.

You must carry your badge and identity document (passport) with you at all times while at the event venue.

How do I pick up my badge?

2. Take a PCR test


Provide information about immunity in the Roscongress personal account or personal web office (for media and organizations)


Find your ID in the Roscongress personal account or personal web office (for media and organizations) and keep it in mind


Sign up for PCR testing in the Roscongress personal account or personal web office (for media and organizations)


Pay for PCR testing


Print, fill out and sign a medical treatment consent form


Provide your Forum participant ID at one of the Forum’s testing centres or using the off-site testing

The badge will be active once you present a negative PCR test result.

More information on testing centres, payment procedure and booking is available in the PCR testing section.

More information about a PCR test

3. Please leave items prohibited at the venue at your accommodations

Upon arrival, each participant will have to go through the access control procedure.

You may be asked to turn on your phone or laptop and show other equipment that you brought to the venue.

Please carefully review the list of items prohibited on the event venue and pay attention to any exceptions.

View list

4. Don’t forget your passport

  • Please don’t forget to bring an identifying document (passport) with you to the venue.
  • You must present your passport at the entrance to the venue and keep it with you while you are located at the Forum venue.

5. Please carefully review how to get to the venue

By car

By shuttle bus

By taxi

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