BRICS Creative Business Forum


On 8 June, the final day of SPIEF 2024, the BRICS Creative Business Forum will be held.

The distinctive nature of the BRICS Creative Business Forum lies in its focus on mutually beneficial cooperation in the creative industries among the BRICS countries, and this is reflected in the event programme.

The BRICS Creative Business Forum will be attended by art managers, designers, publishers, film producers, heads of media holdings, and IT industry leaders.

BRICS Creative Business Forum
BRICS Creative Business Forum
BRICS Creative Business Forum

12 Forum sessions were devised as part of Russia’s BRICS Chairmanship Plan

  • On Content and Competition: The Development of Russian Streaming Platforms
  • Cultural Capital: Objects of Tangible Cultural Heritage as a Resource of the Investment Potential of Russia’s Regions
  • State Policy in the Creative Economy: Basic Tools and Strategies
  • Teenagers in the Creative Economy: On the Path to Dreams and New Opportunities
  • Transformation of Urban Magnets in the Information Age: How Sociocultural Spaces are Changing and Will Continue to Change
  • Music as a Means of Self-Actualization and Self-Expression, or How Musical Culture Influences Success and Productivity
  • Fashion Without Borders: Local Brands in the Global Economy
  • The Cultural Bridge to Russia: The Experience of Creative Projects
  • The Russian Media Industry: A New Twist in the Development of the Market
  • New Opportunities: Russian Contemporary Art in the BRICS Market
  • AI and Neural Networks: The End of Human Creators or a New Tool?
  • Animation for Export: International Cooperation, Challenges, and Outlook for the Future
  • Unlocking the Cultural Code: How to Promote Culture, Traditions, and Art on the International Markets

4 sessions in the programme are on local themes

Participation package and fee

“SPIEF sideline events participant”

Participation is free of charge

  • attendance at all Forum business programme events on 8 June (except for events by special invitation);
  • access to business networking areas at the Forum venue (with restricted access to the event zones by special invitation);
  • information support.

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For more information, contact the information centre of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum:

 +7 (812) 680 0000