Dobroshrift at SPIEF 2024: writing the future together

Dobroshrift at SPIEF 2024: writing the future together

The key theme of the Dobroshrift social project stand, which was presented for the first time at SPIEF, was changing attitudes towards people with limited mobility through new media and socially significant content. The integration of the topic of inclusion into media, sporting events and retail will contribute to the development of charitable programmes for comprehensive support and habilitation, according to Anastasia Prikazchikova, co-author of the Dobroshrift project.

For the Roscongress Foundation, the social component is one of the key areas of activity. We recognize that supporting and developing social projects is an investment in the future of society. Discussing social entrepreneurship issues at major business platforms is an opportunity to create conditions for positive changes and facilitate the implementation of initiatives that improve people’s lives and contribute to social progress. For example, this year, Dobroshrift embroidered the inscriptions ‘I am there for you’ and ‘Space of Trust’ on the clothes of SPIEF volunteers. We will keep this initiative and carry it over to the EEF,” emphasized Alexander Stuglev, Chairman and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation.

The Dobroshrift project of the Gift to Angel Charitable Foundation became an official social partner of the Roscongress Foundation at SPIEF 2024 and a platform for consolidating the efforts of the government, business and non-profits in solving social problems. 

For 5 years now, the Dobroshrift project has been raising the crucial issue of integrating people with limited mobility into society. Thanks to the viral reach of the campaign, we are initiating a change in attitudes towards inclusion and accessible environment among businesses and the general public. Participation in SPIEF allowed us to enter into a dialogue with large businesses and representatives of governmental organizations and directly discuss priorities and tasks to support people with low mobility, conclude agreements to support the project and implement charitable programmes,” said Anastasia Prikazchikova, co-author of the Dobroshrift project and CEO of the Gift to Angel Charitable Foundation.

During the Forum, the Dobroshrift project raised over RUB 10 million for the implementation of charity programmes (about 200 beneficiaries of the Gift to Angel Foundation will receive assistance), signed 3 strategic support agreements, and discussed the possibility of implementing more than 10 initiatives as part of CSR business strategies in various regions of Russia.

The partnership between the Dobroshrift project and MAER Media Holding became visible at the forum: SPIEF participants were greeted by a colourful social advertisement with Dobroshrift.

The media support of Dobroshrift allows us to be involved in this amazing charity project ourselves and to involve as many people as possible in it. Our main goal is to show that helping and doing good is simple.

At SPIEF, we cemented our already established partnership with an agreement and managed to launch several joint promotional campaigns. Our new media allocated so much airtime to these campaigns that they would generate over 250 million views. For example, commercials advertising unique Dobroshrift sweatshirts will be seen in July by residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Ufa, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Anapa, and many other cities. In total, 14 million people will learn about the opportunity to help this month,” said Konstantin Mayor, General Director of the MAER Media Holding.

Dobroshrift and Wildberries joined forces to implement social projects. “Our mission is to make the world around us a better place every day. That is why we pay special attention to social responsibility and charity programmes. This is one of Wildberries’ priorities. We already have successful joint projects with the Gift to Angel Foundation, and in the Year of the Family we intend to develop this co-operation to provide even greater and more meaningful support to children in need of our help,” shared Tatiana Bakalchuk, General Director of Wildberries.

At the Forum, the Gift to Angel Foundation and Fonbet signed an agreement to support the Dobroshrift project and the Foundation’s wards. For several years in a row, hockey matches have been organized in support of Dobroshrift with the participation of Fonbet, with part of the proceeds from ticket sales going to help the Foundation’s wards.

We believe it is important that social initiatives and charitable endeavours should be noticeable. They should draw attention to various issues and help to solve them, and Dobroshrift is just that – recognizable, memorable, draws attention to the problem of cerebral palsy and provides help to those who need it,” said Valeria Kupina, Deputy Director for Marketing, PR and Social Projects at Fonbet.

The Dobroshrift stand hosted discussions on the social mission of business, prioritizing socially significant content and combining the efforts of business, government and non-profits in implementing complex projects to support people with low mobility. The experts at the discussion were Alexey Goreslavsky, Director General of the ANO Internet Development Institute; Artem Metelev, Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy; Roman Karmanov, General Director of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives; Oksana Tubman, Director of Sponsorship and CSR at S8 Capital; Tatiana Bakalchuk, General Director of Wildberries; Konstantin Mayor, General Director of the MAER Media Holding; and others.

All participants of the Forum could take part in charity programmes and help the wards of the Gift to Angel Foundation: at the stand of the project, one could buy a limited collection of DobroshriftXTsypkin sweatshirts ‘Ministry of All Good Things’, have a ‘Kindness coffee’ and play a charity lottery.


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