SPIEF Sport Games

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8 June
SUP breakfast: (Ot)Lichny Peterburg
3, Kryukova Canal Naberezhnaya. Enter from Matveyev Bridge from the Moyka River Naberezhnaya
Forum participants can start the final day of SPIEF with a swim along the Moika River. Historic views of the Mariinsky Theatre, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, and the Yusupov Palace, the gastronomic specialities of St. Petersburg, and a powerful charge of positivity from the participants – this is an event worth seeing and definitely worth participating in.

Participants will also be able to learn about the online project (Ot)Lichny Peterburg. An unusual guide to the city will tell participants about new industrial, gastronomic, and musical routes for tourists.

The organizers of the SUP-breakfast (Ot)Lichny Peterburg will be the Shkulev Media Holding and the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee.

Participants need to register ahead of the event in order to take part, and may do that via the personal web office.

8 June
Roscongress Golf Cup
The Peterhof Golf Club, 1, Gofmeisterskaya Ulitsa, Peterhof
Roscongress Golf Cup – один из ключевых спортивных турниров делового характера в России. На чемпионском 18-луночном поле встретятся сильнейшие гольфисты среди политиков, бизнесменов и топ-менеджеров России.
По традиции игра будет проходить в формате «парный скрэмбл», где пары заявляются на соревнование, защищая честь своей компании, частной или общественной организации.

Для гостей турнира предусмотрен бизнес-завтрак, развлекательная программа с открытыми уроками по гольфу от сборной команды России, экскурсии на гольф-карах, разнообразные активности от партнеров, fresh bar, яркая вечерняя программа с живой музыкой, торжественным ужином и церемонией награждения победителей соревнования.

Доступ участников осуществляется по предварительной регистрации.

Зарегистрироваться на мероприятие вы сможете в Личном кабинете.

8 June
Ladoga Gold international road cycling race
Leningrad Region, the Republic of Karelia, St. Petersburg
For the first time, SPIEF participants will have the chance to get close to the world of serious high-speed cycling. The Ladoga Gold international multi-day road cycling race will be held for the second time, but this year it is making its debut in the Forum programme.

The racers will travel more than 1,000 kilometres along the roads of the Leningrad Region and the Republic of Karelia, surrounded by the natural beauty and historical monuments of Lake Ladoga. The final stage will take place in St. Petersburg, on the last day of SPIEF.

The first test race was a successful example of communication with other countries. Athletes from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the United Arab Emirates took part. This year’s Ladoga Gold will reach new heights: the cycling race will become a platform for expanding international sports interaction and an opportunity for a wider audience to learn more about the Leningrad Region and Karelia.

Ladoga Gold is organized by the Russian Cycling Federation and the Roscongress Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation and the Centre for Sports Training of the Russian National Teams.

8 June
The Roscongress White Nights Tennis Cup
The Razliv Sports Club, 1, Ulitsa Akademika Vernova, Sestroretsk
It has become a happy tradition for businesspeople, politicians and public figures to meet on the tennis courts at SPIEF.

This year, the Roscongress White Nights Tennis Cup tournament will be held for the 30th time. Players and guests of the tournament may enjoy exciting battles on the tennis courts, the atmosphere of an elegant picnic on the shore of the picturesque Lake Razliv, live music, and meeting new people.

The tournament will be held in doubles in two stages: round-robin, semi-finals, and finals.

Participants need to register ahead of the event in order to take part, and may do that via the personal web office.

8 June
SPIEF Youth Day
SPIEF Youth Day 2024: What unites football, mini-lapta and motorcycle show? – SPIEF Youth Day.

The national teams of the CIS, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Serbia and Belarus, made up of Russian and foreign students studying in St. Petersburg, will play in the SPIEF Youth Football Cup. A national team of Russian diplomats will also play in the tournament. The event will be held on the territory of the Polytechnic sports complex from 10:00 to 16:00.

The strongest student teams selected based on the results of the St. Petersburg University Cup will introduce the Forum participants to the Russian national sport - lapta. The SPIEF Cup among youth teams will be held at the arena of the Football Training Center "Voskhozhdeniye" from 10:00 to 14:00. The event is organized by the Roscongress Foundation and the Lapta Federation of St. Petersburg.

And in the Pulkovo Outlet Village, from 14:00 to 16:00, guests of the Forum will enjoy a spectacular stand-up show. Motorcyclists will perform a series of impressive stunts: spins, flips, spins, drift, riding on the back wheel and much more. The entertainment program will be complemented by performances by dance groups, musical accompaniment and a children's area.

Guests have free access to the Youth Day events.

8 June
Sails of Kronstadt Festival
Historical Park Land of Forts, 14, Сitadel Shosse, Kronstadt
As has become tradition, the hallmark of the Sails of Kronstadt musical, sporting and gastronomic festival will be water sports activities. This year, the Sails of Kronstadt will officially host Russia’s first Efoil race – electric surfboards with hydrofoils.

Visitors to the festival will not only be able to watch the sports activities but also join in: throughout the day, there will be sailing ship management masterclasses, family competitions, and relay races.

This year’s festival will highlight two important historical anniversaries – the 320th anniversary of the city of Kronstadt and the oldest fort in the Baltic, Fort Kronshlot.

The festival will feature a rich stage programme: adults and children will enjoy performances by the world-famous Licedei theatre, an acrobatic programme by artists from the legendary Cirque du Soleil, a magical illusion show, and a bubble show.
For the first time, the Sails of Kronstadt will have colourful fair zones. These will be presented by the St. Petersburg Fair project and dozens of residents from St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, and other cities in Russia. It’s a large market of delicious food, handmade goods, and local brands, scattered throughout different corners of the Island of Forts.

Access to the event is by invitation only.

8 June
The Vedomosti Business Regatta
Smolenka Yachting Port, 18, Prospekt Kruzenshterna, the Morskoy municipal district
Every year, sailing races are gaining popularity among the business community. The struggles of the team, which is now a crew, against wind and waves at high speeds brings them together and strengthens business relations.

The second of five stages of the Vedomosti Business Regatta is included in the SPIEF sports programme.

Corporate teams, including a crew from the Roscongress Foundation, will take part in the two-day race, sailing on J/70 class yachts.

Anyone, with any level of training, will be able to take part in the regatta and sail a challenging route under the guidance of experienced skippers.

In addition to the competition, the Vedomosti business publication, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, will offer participants a special St. Petersburg onshore programme at the Smolenka Yachting Port, which is located on Vasilyevsky Island.

You will be able to register for the session in your personal web office.

8 June
SPIEF Show Jumping Cup
he Derby Horse Club, 19 Shosseynaya Ulitsa, Enkolovo District, Leningrad Region
The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Show Jumping Cup will continue the equestrian traditions of SPIEF.

The Roscongress Foundation’s history of equestrian tournaments began in 2016. Over the past eight years, more than a hundred tournaments and equestrian training programmes have been held in numerous cities across Russia.

The SPIEF Show Jumping Cup will be held as part of the Hipposphere exhibition. The tournament finals will be preceded by two stages in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

8 June
Суперкубок России по футболу среди женщин. ПФК ЦСКА - ЗЕНИТ
Gazprom Arena, 1, Futbolnaya Alleya
Чемпион России санкт-петербургский «Зенит» и обладатель Кубка России столичный ЦСКА разыграют Суперкубок России среди женских команд Матч пройдёт 8 июня на «Газпром Арене» в Санкт-Петербурге и начнется в 17:00.

Болельщиков ждет настоящий праздник — развлекательная программа, множество сюрпризов и яркий футбольный матч.

Программа перед матчем:
CREAM SODA – хэдлайнер Суперкубка России среди женских команд 2024. Топовый музыкальный коллектив задаст тон главному футбольному матчу лета. Коллектив является ярким представителем российской электронной музыкальной сцены. Их хиты «Никаких больше вечеринок», «Плачу на техно» и другие – одни из самых ротируемых на всех музыкальных площадках.

Доступ гостей осуществляется по билетам.
Дети до 5 лет включительно проходят на матч бесплатно без закрепления отдельного места в сопровождении законного представителя.