SPIEF Sport Games

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6 June
‘Towards the Friendship Games’ run
St. Isaac’s Square
This year’s traditional running event at SPIEF will be held under the motto ‘Towards the Friendship Games’ and will kick off a series of runs supporting the global project of Russian sports.
Early in the morning on the first day of SPIEF’s main programme, Forum participants and city residents will run 5 km, starting from St. Isaac’s Cathedral. Leaders of business and top politicians, including representatives of foreign delegations, will join in.
Umar Kremlev, President of the International Boxing Association and the visionary behind the World Friendship Games project, will participate in the opening ceremony of the run and then join the run through the historic centre of St. Petersburg.
The run, the largest event in this year’s SPIEF Sport Games, is organized by the Roscongress Foundation and the League of Heroes, with support from the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.
Winners and medallists will be determined among both SPIEF participants and city residents. The results of the corporate team competition will also be announced. The largest teams will be from Avito and Kismet, each with over 50 participants registered.

With the support of the high-tech fuel brand G-Drive, the Russian Special Olympics team will also take part in the race.

For the second consecutive year, participants can choose to run in an excursion format and learn interesting stories about notable landmarks along the race route.

Access to the event for participants is by prior registration only.

You can register in your personal web office.

6 June
Liga Stavok Roscongress hockey Cup
The Khokeyniy Gorod main rink, 6 Rossiyskiy Prospekt, Block 1
Hockey at SPIEF is always a thrilling game, a storm of emotions and breathtaking suspense.

For the second year in a row, the Roscongress Cup tournament will be held as part of the Forum. Traditionally, teams of politicians and businesspeople, reinforced by hockey legends and other sporting stars, will take to the ice. The Champion team, picked from the sports and business community supported by the Roscongress Foundation, for successful people from different areas of life, will be a serious adversary for them. It should be noted that ahead of the SPIEF tournament, the Champion team successfully debuted in the Media Hockey League.

6 June
The Evening League Table Tennis Tournament
Gazprom Arena, 1, Futbolnaya Alleya
The Evening League Table Tennis Tournament will bring together well-known politicians, businessmen, and athletes.

The project was initiated by Igor Levitin, an aide to the President of the Russian Federation and Alexander Babakov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the President of the Table Tennis Federation of Russia. The League project started in 2020.

Participants in the Evening League set an example by demonstrating that, even with high-ranking positions and busy schedules, it is possible to carve out time for their favourite sport.

The games of the Evening League at SPIEF will be held in a doubles format.

Access to the event is by invitation only.

6 June
Superfinal of the Boxing Victory Cup
CSC Arena, 8, Futbolnaya Alleya
The St. Petersburg International Forum will be the venue for the Superfinal of the largest team boxing tournament.

Eight teams representing Russian regions will compete in a professional boxing competition in five weight categories. Preliminary stages in Kemerovo, Perm and Orenburg will determine the two teams that will travel to St. Petersburg.

The Kama team won both previous competitions of the Victory Cup. Boxers from the Volga Federal District have twice defeated opponents from Leningrad in the final. Will the home Superfinal inspire the St. Petersburg boxers to break the trend and keep the trophy at home?

Access to participants is by invitation only.

6 June
Roscongress Padel Cup
Padel PRO Sports Club, 45/2, Prospekt Stachek
The dynamic game, which has become a favourite hobby of millions of people around the world, is expanding its presence at the biggest business event of the year in Russia.

The sporting competition on the padel courts takes on a new colour. This year, the fight for the Roscongress Cup will be fought for by corporate teams of the Forum’s partners. As is traditional, Forum participants will be able to take part in the SPIEF team.

Access to participants is subject to pre-registration.

You can register for the event in your personal web office.