SPIEF Sport Games

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5 June
Match TV Padel Cup
Padel PRO Sports Club, 45/2, Prospekt Stachek
Padel continues to gain popularity among the business community. This new sport is similar to tennis but is accessible for absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, or athletic ability.

The atmosphere of padel promotes informal business communication and networking.

The Padel Cup, organized by Match TV and the Russian Padel Federation, will be held in a 2x2 team tournament format, with the participation of eight pairs.

Access to the event for participants and guests is by invitation only.

5 June
Liga Stavok Roscongress hockey Cup
The Khokeyniy Gorod main rink, 6 Rossiyskiy Prospekt, Block 1
Hockey at SPIEF is always a thrilling game, a storm of emotions and breathtaking suspense.

For the second year in a row, the Roscongress Cup tournament will be held as part of the Forum. Traditionally, teams of politicians and businesspeople, reinforced by hockey legends and other sporting stars, will take to the ice. The Champion team, picked from the sports and business community supported by the Roscongress Foundation, for successful people from different areas of life, will be a serious adversary for them. It should be noted that ahead of the SPIEF tournament, the Champion team successfully debuted in the Media Hockey League.

5 June
The Champion Sports and Business Awards
Wawelberg Hall, 7–9, Nevsky Prospekt
The idea behind this award is that sporting heroes honour business leaders for their support of the industry at SPIEF, the main business event of the year. Former athletes Alexander Karelin, Vladimir Salnikov, Elena Vyalbe, and Svetlana Zhurova took part in the debut ceremony at SPIEF 2023.

The second ceremony promises to be no less high-profile. It will be in the style of ‘thea-jazz’, jazz concerts with elements of theatre, invented in the 1920s by singer Leonid Utesov. The aesthetics of this trend, which continued through the 1930s, accompanied the birth of the Soviet national sporting system. It was then that the foundation was laid for the triumphant appearance of Soviet athletes in the international arena after the Great Patriotic War (World War II). It was also during the era of ‘thea-jazz’ that the nation’s industrial giants, which played a key role in boosting Soviet sport, emerged.