PCR testing

How to get tested?

1Provide information about immunity  in the  Roscongress personal account  or  personal web office  (for media and organizations)

2Find your ID  in the  Roscongress personal account  or  personal web office  (for media and organizations) and keep it in mind

3Sign up for PCR testing  in the  Roscongress personal account  or  personal web office  (for media and organizations)

4Pay for PCR testing

5Print, fill out and sign consent forms  for medical intervention and to the processing of personal data

6Provide your Forum participant ID  at one of the Forum’s testing centres or using the off-site testing

When to get tested?

All Forum participants, media representatives and staff who will be present at events must take a PCR test for COVID-19.

Testing during the Forum

  • One PCR test for the entire duration of the Forum must be taken 24 hours before visiting the Forum venue, but no earlier than 07:00 on 4 June (GMT+3).

  • A single test is sufficient for attendance at all Forum events, except the plenary session. Plenary session attendees must take the PCR test 24 hours before the event.

  • The badge is activated automatically by a negative test result. The test result is valid for visiting the venue until the end of the Forum.

  • Results will be provided within 24 hours.

  • PCR testing at dedicated Forum testing centres is strictly by appointment only.

  • If a participant arrives at the venue by personal accredited car with a driver, then the driver must also take PCR test. The participant needs to register the driver for testing in their Roscongress personal account.

For attendees staying at the Hampton and Hilton hotels on the ExpoForum site

From 07:30 on 3 June, an activated accreditation badge will be required to access the Hilton and Hampton hotels on the territory of ExpoForum.

Attendees will have to take a PCR test to activate their badges. Test can be taken from 09:00 on 2 June (Moscow time) at one of the Forum’s specialized centres.

Attendees will also be able to access the venue of the Forum throughout its duration based on their test results.

Testing for access to the plenary session

Access to the plenary session is by special invitation and special pass only. A special pass can be picked up before the test result is received. The test is not needed to get the special pass, but is required for its activation.

Where to get tested?

Testing will be carried out at the Forum’s dedicated testing centres, which are provided by Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The results of tests taken at other laboratories will NOT be accepted for access to the venue.

Testing centres in Moscow

The list of approved centres and opening hours is subject to change. Please check for updates.

Testing centres in St. Petersburg