Healthy Life

Family Well-Being and How to Achieve it: A Culture of Health and Relationships

15 Jun , 16:30–18:00
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

Family well-being is when each family member feels secure, respected, and happy, and it is the foundation for a healthy society. Family well-being is built upon a healthy lifestyle and a culture of family relations. A commitment to a healthy lifestyle does not appear out of nowhere – it must be instilled in the family together with healthy relations between all the members of the family. A culture of family relations is born of a tradition of care, support, love, and respect. It is also fostered by time spent together, active recreation, physical and spiritual health, and a healthy diet, which then lead to good habits at home and a sense of responsibility for one’s own health and that of one’s family, impacting family health directly in the broadest sense of the word. The well-being of the family, and by extension society as a whole, can only be achieved by cultivating a culture of health and relationships. What factors influence the establishment of a healthy lifestyle as a cultural tradition within a family? How can we bring a culture of health from the family into society? How does one decide to have many children, how do relations differ in families with many children, and what kind of support do they require from the state? Can the state influence family traditions, are there practices that support families in their pursuit of health and harmony at home?

Olga Postnikova, Chief Executive Officer, Dobroe Delo Social Care Centre ANPO

Natalia Agre, Director, Institute for the Study of Childhood, Family and Education
Maria Afonina, Vice Rector for Learning Activities of Educational Center SENEZH (“Russia - the Country of Opportunities” Project)
Natalya Kravchenko, Chair, Commission for the Development of Preschool, School, and Secondary Vocational Education and Educational Activities, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation
Daria Lantratova, Deputy Secretary, General Council of the “United Russia” Party; co-chair, Public council of the federal party project “Women's Movement of United Russia”; senator of the Russian Federation
Karine Khabirova, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Territory of Happiness Charitable Foundation

Front row participants
Olga Badma-Khalgaeva, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Mari El
Guzeliya Imaeva, Chief Executive Officer, NAFI Research Centre
Valeria Klychkova, Trustee, Oryol Social Cluster Foundation for Family-Oriented Initiatives
Saniyam Koval, President,Charity Foundation Give Sunlight
Aleksandra Lebedeva, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Kamchatka Territory