Healthy Life

The Health Ecosystem: A Preventive Approach at the Core of Modern Solutions

16 Jun , 10:30–11:30
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

In the rhythm of modern life, the task of preserving one's health has gained paramount importance. The health centre is no longer the only place for people seeking healthcare. The traditional structure of medical care is being replaced by a comprehensive health ecosystem that integrates contemporary medical solutions. This ecosystem emphasizes a preventive approach, the creation of health-preserving environments, and continuous monitoring of health. The preventive model of health preservation is taking the forefront not only within the healthcare system, but also in people's consciousness. The fundamental principle is that it is easier and more important to stay healthy and avoid falling ill than to seek treatment later. The conscious attitude towards personal health, healthy habits, physical activity, healthy eating, well-being and anti-ageing practices are all steadily shaping the lifestyle of modern individuals. They actively follow self-care trends in their pursuit of enhancing their quality of life. What innovative diagnostic methods can be used to prevent the development of disease? What preventive technologies contribute to the preservation of human health and resource status? How should health-saving infrastructure and the environment be organized? What opportunities does mobile healthcare offer, and what are the trends in its development?

Konstantin Ivanov, Host and Expert, Doctor TV Channel

Andrey Gostry, Founder, Head of the Institute of Integral Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine PreventAge
Svetlana Kanevskaya, Medical Director, Medscan Group
Lamia Mahmud, Head of the Health and Well-Being Committee, Member of the Board of Trustees of the Bahrain Entrepreneurship Organization, Bahrain (online)
Olga Moroz, Founder of the clinic of aesthetic medicine by Olga Moroz
Larisa Nazarova, President, BlagoDat Charitable Foundation
Aleksandra Ulich, Chief Executive Officer, Kivach Clinic

Front row participant
Natalia Edel, chief doctor MAYRVEDA Kislovodsk