Healthy Life

Children’s Health as a National Policy Priority

14 Jun , 09:30–10:45
Pavilion F, Healthy Life Area

How effective is children’s healthcare, which falls within the purview of the ‘Development of Children’s Healthcare, including the Creation of a Modern Children’s Medical Care Infrastructure’ Federal Project? The project calls for the regions to implement measures ensuring accessibility and establishing modern infrastructure for children in pediatric clinics, outpatient departments, and hospitals. Targeted programmes have been put into place to combat childhood diseases, including complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and kidney disease, along with a range of measures in support of disabled children. However, a number of functional syndromes (autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndromes, and attention deficit disorder among others) that require comprehensive systemic medical care and the inclusion of multiple departments remain outside the scope of government programmes. What kind of programmes could be created to deal with childhood diseases for children at risk? What kind of interdisciplinary councils need to be set up to ensure complex illnesses receive the most thorough treatment possible? How can approaches to primary care be altered, and what should specialists from different disciplines be working on together? What distinguishes purely medical approaches from those that are preventive? Should the federal project be adjusted going forward, and what should those adjustments look like?

Dmitry Morozov, Director, Veltischev Research and Clinical Institute for Pediatrics of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Vasily Generalov, President, Regional Public Organization for Assistance to Patients with Epilepsy "Project" Don't Be Afraid"
Lyudmila Keshchyan, Chief Physician, Naro-Fominsk Perinatal Centre
Saniyam Koval, President,Charity Foundation Give Sunlight
Andrey Korolkov, Acting chief physician, FSAI "National Medical Research Center for Children's Health" of the Ministry of Health of Russia
Leila Namazova-Baranova, President, Union of Pediatricians of Russia
Oleg Salagay, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation (online)
Oleg Ergashev, Vice-Governor of Saint Petersburg