The VinoGrad Themed Venu

Screening of the first ever film - podcast about contemporary Russian winemaking «Vino bez ostanovki»

14 Jun , 17:30–18:30

You will see a unique example of effective promotion of the Russian wine: a film podcast, recorded directly in the vineyards, takes the viewer into the atmosphere of terroir and introduces the general public to the characteristics of modern Russian winemaking through the amazing stories of the characters - winemakers and founders of farms.

Show participants
Representatives of «Kuban-Vino», «Chateau de Talu», «Gunko Winery», «Vedernikov Winery».

Daria Orlova, Radio Journalist, Blogger, and Vinodevy podcaster

Vitaly Gorbenko, Brand Ambassador, Abrau-Durso
Евгений Емельянов,
Elena Kurkova, Chief Executive Officer, Château de Talu