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Soft Power: The Female Face of Winemaking

14 Jun , 15:00–16:00
Passage in zone G, VinoGrad

In the present day, the Russian wine industry is undergoing a remarkable surge, with women assuming an ever more significant role within this realm. They are showcasing their expertise and professionalism, setting new benchmarks for winemaking quality in Russia. Women are emerging as winemakers, assuming pivotal roles in the marketing and management of wine trading enterprises.
Do gender stereotypes persist in the wine industry? What pivotal roles do women occupy in the Russian wine industry? How are women winemakers portrayed and received in the media?

Vlada Lesnichenko, Wine Promoter; Communicator; Compiler of Wine Lists; Host of Wine Events; Author of Articles About Wine

Marina Burnier, Chief Executive Officer, Grand-Vino LLC
Kira Efimova, owner of the LK2 wine project
Elena Kurkova, Chief Executive Officer, Château de Talu
Daria Orlova, Radio Journalist, Blogger, and Vinodevy podcaster