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The Journey of the Winemaker

14 Jun , 13:00–14:00
Passage in zone G, VinoGrad

The Russian wine industry is shaped not only by individuals with inherited winemaking backgrounds, but also by passionate wine enthusiasts who have ventured into the realm of wine investment from diverse professional backgrounds. Among them are doctors and sommeliers, lawyers and wine merchants, high-tech engineers, and construction workers.
How does one's personal passion for wine evolve into a thriving business? What are the challenges and learning experiences along the journey of an aspiring winery owner? What aspirations drive individuals from diverse professions to establish their own vineyards, and is it accurate to say that inheriting a wine business from one's grandfather is the most lucrative path?
Diverse regions, distinctive terroirs, and individual journeys crafted by wine investors to manifest their dreams. Personal narratives that will be told in this captivating session.

Artur Sarkisyan, President, Union of Sommeliers and Experts of Russia

Rustam Akiniyazov,
Kira Efimova, owner of the LK2 wine project
Aaron Koffmann, restaurateur, creator of the WINEMAFIA wine project
Ekaterina Malik, Chief Executive Officer, Arpachina Wines Winery
Viktor Protsko, orthopedic surgeon, founder of the Center for Foot Surgery, creator of the Bakla Vines winery