St.Petersburg Seasons Festival

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13 –17 June 2023

13 June
The Art of Luxury 3.0
The Pillar Hall of the Palace houses the exhibition by Contemporary Heritage of Russia project for the third time. The project presents works by the best contemporary artists and masters of arts and crafts, awarded diplomas by Gokhran and by the country's leading museums. Splendid embroideries, various mosaics, delicate flowers of modeled porcelain, virtuoso painting of miniaturists on enamel, stone and papier-mâché, skillful work of jewelers and many other things are bound to surprise and amaze the attendees. The works have been exhibited at Gokhran, the museums of the Moscow Kremlin, the Diamond Fund of Russia, the State Historical Museum, the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Pavlovsk State Museum and other museums of the country

Access with participant badge.

Address: 20, Sadovaja Ulitsa, Pavlovsk town
Pavlovsk Palace's Column Hall

13 June
Fabergé Museum
The world’s largest collection of Carl Fabergé and the House of Fabergé masterpieces in Shuvalov Palace of St. Petersburg.
The most famous items in the Fabergé Museum are the nine Easter Eggs created for Alexander III and Nicholas II, the last two Russian Tsars.

The Fabergé Museum collection includes Russian decorative-applied and fine arts, which today contains more than 4000 works. This collection demonstrates all mediums in which the House of Fabergé worked, including objects de fantaisie, jewellery, silverware and interior and cult objects.

Access with participant badge.
21, Fontanka River Embankment. Shuvalov Palace

13 June
Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation
Participants can visit the following museums:
Museum of Artisan Glass (Conservatory Building);
Staterooms of Yelagin Palace (Yelagin Palace, 1st floor);
The History of a Study. Exhibition (Yelagin Palace, 2nd floor).

Access with participant badge.
Participants need to produce their badges at the ticket office.

Museum of Art Glass: 16 June, 10:00–18:30
Yelagin Palace: 14 June 13:00–21:00; 13, 15–16 June 10:00–18:30
The Park is open on 13–16 June 06:00–22:00

Address: 4B, Yelagin Island

13 June
Kamchatka. A Story in Foxes
This photo exhibition is dedicated to foxes, the protagonists of an eponymous documentary. Principal photography on the film was completed in autumn of 2022 in the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, one of the most remote places in Russia. Unique photographs depict the life story of a fox family: mating, struggle for survival in the cold season, birthing and upbringing of cubs. Dmytro and Anna Shpilenok, the authors of the film, spent three expeditions in the wild, lasting a total of 26 months, to film an inspiring story about foxes.
In addition, the exhibition features fascinating photographs that will introduce visitors to the diversity of the animal world and the unique nature of Kamchatka.
Kamchatka. A Story in Foxes is an unprecedented project to film the wildlife of Kamchatka Region, which rightly occupies a special place in the country's conservation system.

This is an outdoor exhibition.
Access to the park with participant badge.

Address: 4B, Yelagin Island

13 June
St. Petersburg Art Fair 1703: grand opening
St. Petersburg Art Fair 1703 is a large-scale cultural project aimed at supporting artists and galleries of contemporary art, as well as the institute of collecting. Hosted by Gazprom and supported by St. Petersburg Committee for Culture.

More than 35 contemporary art galleries will take part in the event, bringing both established and young artists. The Manege Exhibition Hall will become a center of contemporary art created in a variety of techniques — from painting and sculpture to installations and digital art.

The SPIEF-2023 guests will have a first sneak peek at art presented at the grand opening and collectors’ preview of the 1703 fair.

Access by invitation.
Address: Central Exhibition Hall Maneg, St. Isaac's Square, 1