Business programme

Russian Economy: New Course. Priorities and Alternatives

16 Jun , 08:00–09:30
Business Breakfast
Sber Business Breakfast
(by invitation)

2022 turned out better than expected. Businesses swiftly rebuilt their logistical chains and international payments, while the government supported the demand in the economy and promptly adapted regulation to match the new reality. Yet, the external environment has remained turbulent. Resilient development requires favorable conditions for private investment and higher living standards. The government and businesses are facing new challenges: there is new architecture of international trade to build; there are alternative suppliers of equipment and software to find; the budget needs to be balanced with development objectives; the industrial policy is to be adapted to new modalities. What changes can we make now in the economic parameters that are crucial for development? What priorities will the government and the businesses set? Is there an alternative to the current economic trajectory?