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Home is Where the Heart is

15 Jun , 09:00–10:15
The Russian Economy: From Adaptation to Growth
Congress Centre, zone D, VEB.RF conference hall D2

The national tourism project is currently being re-launched. The increasing demand for domestic tourism necessitates new approaches. Russian cities possess the potential for attracting tourists, but efforts are required to enhance their touristic appeal. Many cities need to upgrade their existing infrastructure, develop or revise existing promotional strategies, and take a fresh look at the hospitality industry as a whole. A city serves as the starting point for any tourist itinerary. Whether a tourist chooses to stay there and contribute to its economy depends on the quality of life offered by that city, including modern facilities, a comfortable urban environment, a quality transport system, interesting cultural venues and event programmes. How can a city make itself attractive for tourism, first and foremost for its inhabitants? What skills and knowledge should city managers have in the hospitality industry, and where can they acquire them? How and where can employees and city teams working in the tourism sector be trained? Can every city improve its attractiveness as a tourist destination? What are the desires of Russian tourists and consumers? Can Russia sustain high service quality following the departure of foreign players, and how can we establish services in areas where they are currently absent?

Yevgeny Krivtsov, Presenter
Irina Makieva, Chief Managing Partner for Urban Development, VEB.RF

Anton Alikhanov, Governor of Kaliningrad Region
Tim Kirby, Author, "Tim Kirby's Travel"
Elena Letuchaya, Anchor, Producer
Konstantin Sidorkov, Director of Music Projects Development, VK
Alexander Sysoev, Restaurateur, Founder
Aleksandr Tertychnyy, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Green Flow Project