Business programme

Promoting Science for Business and Government

14 Jun , 12:15–13:45
Building Technological Sovereignty
Pavilion G, conference hall G3

The catalyst for economic, social, and cultural advancement lies in the realms of innovation, research and development, cutting-edge technology, and exemplary methodologies. The strength of a nation's scientific capabilities and the efficiency of its domestic infrastructure to translate knowledge into advanced technologies directly correlate with its sovereignty and impact on the global arena. Progress is unattainable without the infusion of youthful intellect. The promotion of scientific knowledge not only entices talented young individuals to engage in the fields of science and technology but also offers valuable insights into governmental and corporate endeavours in this realm. What is the role of traditional media and new media in shaping trends that have a profound impact on contemporary society, business, and the nation's economy? Can the media, including new media platforms, establish trends that influence the appeal of science and the scientific community among young individuals? How does the dissemination of scientific knowledge impact actual business operations, as well as the overall economic growth and development of the country? To what extent should the promotion and communication of science be integrated into the lives of scientists themselves? What kind of support can the scientific community anticipate from the media to enhance awareness of its potential?

Andrey Serov, Vice-president, Gazprombank

Alexander Zazhigalkin, Deputy Director, Centre for Innovative Development, Branch of Russian Railways
Alina Zinnatullina, General Director, Insight People
Natalya Popova, First Deputy General Director, Innopraktika
Boris Khanchalyan, Deputy General Director, Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV
Ruslan Yunusov, Founder, Russian Quantum Center

Front row participants
Ivan Borisov, Robotics Scientist, Participant in the First Season of the Reality Show "Challenge"
Oleg Zhuravlev, General Director, Wormhols Implementation
Tornike Kvitatiani, Blogger, resident of Insight People, winner of the first season of the reality show "Challenge"