Business programme

Transforming International Trade: New Tools and Paths to Development

15 Jun , 15:00–16:15
The World Economy at a Global Turning Point
Congress Centre, zone B, 2nd floor, conference hall B2
In partnership with Russian Post

Amidst the multitude of economic sanctions imposed by unfriendly countries upon the Russian Federation, it becomes paramount to prioritize the enhancement of cooperation with friendly countries and the exploration of new trade partnerships. The redirection of commodity streams and the penetration of Russian products into untapped markets hold significant weight as well. In this regard, fostering close collaboration between governmental entities and foreign counterparts, with active engagement from the business community, lays the groundwork for cultivating fresh approaches to international economic endeavours and forging collaborative resolutions that amplify Russia's trade potential. How to ensure the effective advancement of Russia's foreign trade relations and establish robust mechanisms to advocate for the foreign trade interests of Russian enterprises?

Maxim Filimonov, Member of the Board of Directors, Vedomosti Business Edition

Mikhail Volkov, General Director, Chairman of the Board, Russian Post
Stanislav Georgievskiy, Vice President, Russian Export Center
Ruslan Davydov, Acting Head, Federal Customs Service of Russia
Arkady Korostelev, President, Chairman of the Management Board, FESCO
Viktor Markov, Director, TransContainer
Gwen Mwaba, Director and Global Head, Trade Finance, African Export-Import Bank
Alexey Mordashov, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Severstal