Could the ‘Future Team’ Movement and Networked International Youth Organizations Form the Foundations for Alter-Globalization?

26 May , 11:45–13:00
International Youth Economic Forum
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G4

As globalization increasingly brings about economic, sociopolitical, and cultural changes throughout the world, it is important to identify mechanisms to mitigate the associated risks. Young people can play an important role in this search. Youth communities in Africa, Asia, America, and Europe are offering their alternatives to the current vertical model of globalization where primarily Western transnationals and media set quality standards for culture, the economy, and politics. There is a particular interest in developing a horizontal model of globalization which functions along the lines of a networked, polycentric society, where participants are equal, open, and in constant communication, with some regional and other variations. This approach encourages people from different cultures, and particularly young people from different countries, to develop a common vision for small projects and for the process of globalization as a whole. Networked international youth organizations could be instrumental in realizing such a model of globalization, and Future Team is a prototype movement – an initiative led by participants of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students. How effective are such movements at the present stage? What practical means of solving young people’s problems today could be provided by networked international youth organizations? Could such movements form the basis of a new model of globalization?

Angelina Tomashuk, Coordinator for Middle East and Asia, Future team

Samy Naguib Samy Ammar, International Relations Specialist, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Africa Joseph, Chief Operations Officer, BRICS Journal
Monika Lionaite, Foreign Affairs Coordinator, Disrupt Synergies AB
Francine Furaha Muyumba, President, Pan African Youth Union
Alex Njuguna, Chief Information Officer, Cabinet Affairs Office, Presidency of the Republic of Kenya
Dragomir Petronijevic, Member of the City Council, City Administration of the City of Belgrade
Imad Rizk, President, Isticharia for Strategic and Communications Studies (ISCS)
Alexey Spivakov, Head of international Department, The Russian-National Social Movement Social Democratic Youth Union "JUST POWER"
Nikola Srdić, Head of International Cooperation Office, Students' Union of Serbia; Founder, Youth Start-Up Incubator (Novi Sad),
Miriam Hinthorn, Operations Manager for US, Consortiq Limited

Front row participants
Oussama Zebda, Founder, Future Team Tunisia
Michael Susin, Journalist, National Federation of Brazilian Journalists
Robert Willard, Student, Columbia University in the City of New York