From Industry 4.0 to Industry X.0: How Russian Enterprises Can Grow a Business or Disrupt the Market with Smart Assets, Products, and Services

25 May , 10:15–11:30
Harnessing Russia’s Growth Potential
Panel Session
Pavilion G, Conference Hall G3
In partnership with Accenture

With the rise of new technologies, industry value chains are being disrupted and companies are rushing to innovate and make big investments in cutting-edge projects. But the latest research suggests that many companies simply aren’t getting the most out of their digital investments; they are neither bringing the promised value back to the shareholder, nor producing an X factor increase in productivity. Industry X.0 focusses on the future of smart plants that produce smart products and companies that sell smart or living services. How do companies succeed in this transformation? What is the best way to defend and grow a business or disrupt a market with smart products, services, and assets, taking advantage of new innovative technologies? What approach are heavy industries taking to succeed at the goals of staying ahead in a continually changing environment? What do CEOs and the C suite need to do to transform the business culture within companies and empower their teams to work hand in hand with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms? How do you best achieve results and bring value to your business from your Industry X.0 investments?

Mark Spelman, Board Member, The Future Cities Catapult

Andrey Varichev, Chief Executive Officer, Management Company METALLOINVEST LLC; Member of the Management Board, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)
Eberhard A. Veit, Doctor of Engineering Sciences; Entrepreneur; Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, 4.0-Veit GbR
Martin Lundstedt, President, Chief Executive Officer, Volvo AB; Co-Chairman, Russian-Sweden Business Council (RSBC)
Frank Riemensperger, Senior Managing Director, Head for Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Accenture
Vadim Shvetsov, General Director, Member of the Board of Directors, SOLLERS
Matthias Schepp, Chairman, Russian-German Chamber of Commerce

Front row participants
Andrey Belevtsev, Director of Digital Transformation Direction, PJSC Gazprom Neft
Andrey Zimenkov, Managing Director Corporate Sales, Rostelecom
Maxim Shereykin, Director General, Agency of Technological Development