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June 2017
Information Services

Get SPIEF 2017 Top Headlines with New Sputnik Trending App

The Sputnik Trending mobile app, created by Sputnik International News Agency and Radio, delivers a real-time special news feed to participants and guests at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF 2017). Download the Sputnik Trending app to get the top stories from the event ahead of the newswires. As well as news from the SPIEF, app users can follow the global social, political, and economic agenda.

The Sputnik Trending app is designed for media professionals and businesses to:

  • Be the first to know – get the headlines before they appear on the newswires,
  • Get maximum information using minimum storage space,
  • Enjoy easy keyword searches and a time filter to get exactly what you need.

Get information before anyone else has it and stay ahead of the curve!


Download for free from the App Store 

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